Thursday, June 26, 2008

We summited Katahdin on the eleventh, ran through the "100-mile wilderness" ( to get away from the verocious bugs and horrible weather), and ended up in Stratton for the day- Mmmmm showers and food. Alot of incredible stories and scenery along the way, but not enough time to tell about it all. Hostels have been incredible (all but one), people have been helpful, especially our new raft guide friends on the Kennebec, from Crabapple- Thanks for the whitewater trip guys!!!!-and New Hampshire is 100 miles away. We are hoping to get to Gorham N.H. for the fourth of July and hopefully some sort of firework show. This next week holds claim to the alleged "hardest mile of the AT", but we can lick it!!! We are most excited about getting out of Maine as neither one of us like it on account of its horribly maintained trails , said bugs, and foul weather. We'll keep truckin' and talk more in N.H.

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Gregg said...

you slanderous banter of my beloved maine shall not stand.