Saturday, July 19, 2008

Longest two span covered bridge in the world.
Windsor, VT


Anonymous said...

Hi there !!!Jessica, your hair is getting long. I am so glad that the Lord is keeping you both safe from harm and the RAIN. Some time with the family is always good. I am glad the Johnson's gave you a good zero day. Today is Dad's b'day. Grandma and David are coming for lunch and a Bantam ride today. Christina says hello. Until the next time. Love Mom

Peg smith said...

Hi Jess and Andrew! Just a quick note to let you know that we're thinking of you. Glad that your trip is going well. You both have more guts than us "couch potatoes"! Take care and hang in there!
Love, Ken and Peg

charles said...

whats up guys! sorry i missed your call andrew i was in mexico scuba diving with my family. it was awesome. we dove the reefs there and also went cave diving which was pretty scary. ill tell you all about our canadian adventures when we talk again. hope all is well with you all and i look forward to hearing from you again. the best time to reach me will be during the week since school is about to start. boo. anyway happy trails.

charles said...

and we miss you guys!

Laura said...

hey you two crazies :)
sometimes i would rather be with you guys hiking, even in the rain, then to be as bored as i am. especially when i start school. i leave Sept. 6!!! its been a long summer.
well, i dont doubt that you guys will have a great time in NYC! hey, just think, youve got 2/5ths of the trail done!! yeah!!! Andrew and Jessica Gage are now official Appalachian Trail hikers!! if i say so myself :)
i love you both