Saturday, August 23, 2008

The town of Delaware Water Gap. The trail walked through this part of town, and offered great pizza!


Anonymous said...

Ya'll are doing great- we miss you and are glad you are both doing good. It was really good to see your pic.
Looking for ya in November.

Laura said...

its great to see that you guys look really happy!!!! i am sure you are just having the time of your life...really!! oh the sunflowers are beautiful :) miss you guys alot!

Lisa said...

wow, i love the sunflowers in this picture. i set it as my computer background so now i see you all the time. i think and pray for you guys. it is good to here everything is going good. little did you know that you guys would be celebrities, haha. Mom told me about Karl and the rock creek article, that's really awesome. enjoy the beautiful Shanendoah valley!! miss you!