Thursday, September 4, 2008

Currently, we feel comfortable covering about twenty miles-a-day with less zero days (a term used to describe a complete day off) than we afforded in the beginning. The terrain through PA, MD and northern VA has been very rocky, but also very gradual in elevation change. Better terrain lies ahead in VA along with beautiful views.


Anonymous said...

How exciting it was Iam sure seeing bears. Being seen with Karl by thousands of people WOW your famous :) Stay healthy It is great talking with you along your adventure. MOM

Anonymous said...

A&J So excited to be a part of watching your progress.After listening to "A Walk in the Woods" we were ready to tackle the AT ourselves...then I found out there weren't king sized beds with hot showers out there!! So, we just do day hikes 5-10 miles on weekends! Labor Day we hiked Clingman's Dome you'll feel our prayers for you on the .5 miles of the AT we DID hike!
Anita & Rich Jeffery

TNadine said...

Hello Honeymooners!! This is the Blackburn Trail Center caretaker, Tina. I am glad you all came down and talked over a soda with me! I hope you had a good time at Bears Den and that the Shenandoahs are treating you nice. The 70 degree weather right now is fantastic! My email is - my website with last year's trip is Send the Blackburn your summit pic and keep in touch so we can visit you in Chatty this winter!