Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally into Damascus Va.!!- the "friendliest town on the trail." Just about three miles or so from Tennessee, but that will come after a zero day tomorrow and a half-day off today. Mom Lee and Brandt are due to visit us in a few hours and we cannot wait to see them. We are extremely excited to be done (practically) with Virginia- the longest state at app. 550 miles. With ONLY 460 miles until Springer Mnt., Georgia, we are about 23 hiking days from home.

We hit some low temps yesterday as we traveled over Mt. Rogers and through the Grayson Highlands- a very chilly 43 degrees at noon, and windy. Damascus, however is where we are picking up some "cold weather" gear- warmer sleeping bag, jackets, etc.

We are still trying our hardest to upload more pictures, but keep running into time restraints at public libraries. Bare with us and more pictures will come!!

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