Monday, October 20, 2008

Only 204.6 more miles to go! We can hardly believe that we have walked all this way. Everyday gets more exciting as we get closer to the finish. The Tennessee and North Carolina section has been our favorite besides the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We could be a little bias being from Tennessee but it really is beautiful.
It has been encouraging to see our parents, Brandt, and Shelley resently. We have had great health throughout our trip besides sore muscles and upset stomachs and we are thankful for God's daily provision It's been an amazing adventure but we are ready to get home to see family and friends and start normal lives together. Hopefully, if we don't get eaten by a bear we should be done November 1st.


Anonymous said...

We are really looking forward to having you both home. It has been really neat to follow you on this trek. Thanks for sharing all the photo's and such. It will be exciting to hear all the stories that go with the photo's.We were up by the Ocoee on Sat and we thougth about you- At least you get to see the best parts here in TN. Keep safe. Love Twila

Gregg said...

holy moly, if ya'll are on schedule, you're about 6 days away. kind of a bummer i only found this blog now. sorry i went through and left comments on a bunch of old posts, i got a little excited. have fun. live it up. it's going to be a while before you live like you're living now. hope to catch up over dia del gracias. peace.

p.s. i kinda cried on katahdin. ok, alot. ha. busted!

Carat said...

Hey Honeymooners!
Congratulations in advance on finishing. I'm hoping we can meet up as I'm finishing- but I don't have u guys' number. Do you think u could text it to me so I can call u when I get into cell range? I'm taking a zero day in Hot Springs so I figure about 15 days left. Congrats again!