Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Cuz'in Kim said...

Congratulations Jess and Andrew!! Your very excited family in PA is so proud of you! Words cannot express our admiration for your accomplishment! We wish that we could have been with you during your last mile, but we were with you in spirit with each footprint you left on those 2178 miles! Rest up, you certainly deserve it! Much love and Awe!
Your Pennsylvania Peeps!

Mrs Paine said...

Hello fellow TN SOBO's! Colleen (Cracker) & I (Silver Potato) finished Nov. 15th. We are currently at Colleen's parents in GA looking for jobs in either North GA or Western NC. It has been a slow process but we are hoping the beginning of the year will bring some positive results. How are you guys? Are you happily employeed now? Missing the trail? Sorry we did not get to spend more time with you speed demons. We slowed down a bit towards the end (and should have slowed down more if we knew what the job situation was). Any how, Congrats on the accomplishment & best of luck! I think I have your phone number buried in my journal somewhere...if I find it we will try and call if passing through. Do you have shepherd's email? He finished a week after us and I wanted to get ahold of him too.

Congrats again on your 2008 MEGA

"The House of Paine"