Monday, June 9, 2008


Just arrived at Alicia's place in the city. We plan on leaving tomorrow for the second leg to Maine early in the morning. Thanks Alicia!!!!!


Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA! We are so happy and excited for both of you! Stay safe and I know God is and continues to protect you. Have fun!
I am excited about keeping up with your progress through this blog!!
p.s. I too have a blog, very early stages...cmcrecelius.blogspot.
Love and PRAYERS,

Lisa Gage said...

Jessica...just thinking about you on your birthday and wish you a very happy day.

chris pike said...

well dadgum (that was retarded) Jess I didnt even know it was your birthday, but happy belated bday! good to see yall made it to new first i thought holy cow yall hike fast then i stopped being a retard and remembered that yall were stopping up there on the way to maine. thank you guys so much for staying a little longer in chatt town to be a part of casey and mines wedding and just so you'll know the honeymoon was increadible. we got to the sandals and after they served us champainge they took us to our luggage...casey reached for one of our bags and the guy stopped her and mon you dont touch a thing your on vacation mon. that probably wasnt the best thing to write seeing as how you will be reading this after you get out of the 100 mile wilderness. anyways i cant wait to see some footage hope the hiking is great. we love you guys and are praying for you.. my book is over!
chris & casey

Brandt said...

Hey guys how are things. its super hot here in Chattanooga. I wanted to say hi and hope things are going well

renee said...

Hey Jessica and Andrew;
Natalie Rose was born Mon the 23 at 3:13 am 6 lbs 7oz and 20 in. long. It was so good to talk with you both on Fri. All is good on the home front. Praying for you daily and enjoy checking the blog. love from Mom

Matt B said...

Checked out the photos man, looks like a hoot! Hope the trail got easier for ya as you got further south. Not sure exactly what the deal was with the camera thing but I gave your mom a cord to send so hopefully you won't run into that problem again. Looks like i missed Jess's birthday but Happy one all the same Jess! Hope you guys are doing well. I'll keep you posted on plans for in the fall. Cyaz and be careful. love ya guys