Friday, June 6, 2008

Our mail drops are complete and ready to be sent. Our packs are packed, and at just about the weight that we set out to achieve. We have ten days of food in the packs for the 100-mile wilderness, and a site reservation in Baxter state park. Our driving plans to Maine are pretty well set and they take us through N.Y.C. to stay over at our friend Alicia's place on Monday night. We expect to begin our ascent of Katahdin on the eleventh. All the plannning is coming to an end, and we are both excited about that. Now the adventure can begin.

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chris pike said...

ok so i just left a comment and i dont know if it if this is a repeat than you will no the reason why. anyways...this is a great idea rage gagers...i am looking foward to keeping up with yalls trip and am totally jealous...yall are gonna have a a getting your ass kicked hiking all day kind of way...(thats the best way) love you guys and will see yall on the trail in about four or five months.